Depression Mood Assessment: How are you feeling this week?

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  • Hello everybody


    The weekend is finally here.  Does anyone have any special plans?  For any of the parents, school is soon to begin.  Any worries or concerns about the new school year?


    Times are tough all over.  This is an understatment isn't it?  So many people are without insurance or a way to pay for their medical bills and some cannot afford the cost of school for their special needs child. 


    Have you seen this story about the Oregon woman with terminal bone marrow cancer who lost her job and didn't have the money to pay her medical bills.  In order to raise money she has had garage sales in her backyard.  This didn't sit well with some neighbor who complained that she was over her quota of garage sales for the year and in response the city was going to prevent the woman with cancer from hosting her garage sales.  Don't ya just love neighbors like this who have nothing better to do than complain?  In an update to this story the city's chamber of commerce as well as faith groups have helped this woman raise the money she needs to pay for her medical bills.    It seems there is humanity after all.

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    Another disturbing story was one recently reported in the Huff Post about a mom who shot and killed both herself and her special needs teen because she couldn't afford his special schooling.  The other element to this story is the mom was a psychiatrist.  Evidently she wrote a note which included:  School - can't deal with school system," and "Debt is bleeding me. Strangled by debt." Such a tragic ending caused in part by financial woes. 


    In case you have not seen it yet, I have written a post full of resources to find medical and mental health assistance.  Our experts from across Health Central's sites have come up with many articles to help you find financial assistance for whatever mental or medical condition you may be dealing with.  It isn't a perfect resource but it is something.   We hope it helps.


    A gentle reminder about our community...


    In these psychologically and financially tough times it is all the more important to be kind to one another, supportive, and compassionate.  If you need help ask for it.  In return reach out to others who may need a kind word or just a bit of inspiration to get through their day.  Whatever you may be going through you are definitely not alone. 


    This is a community of support.  Sometimes the support may be difficult to hear.  Each one of us, regardless of our individual challenges, is ultimately responsible for our health and mental well being.  The resources on this site are an aid.  They are not to replace professional guidance from your doctor or therapist.  Some ideas and suggestions posted here may help.  Some may not pertain to your circumstance.  As an empowered patient you pick and choose which ideas or methods may help you.  We are not responsible for making sure you like every bit of content on the site or that it is useful for your unique circumstance.  You need to make those choices for yourself.  Depression is not easy to deal with by any stretch of the imagination.  But it doesn't preclude you from being responsible for yourself. 


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    In addition, we strongly encourage you to become a contributing member of the site.  This means to interact with other members, read and comment on shareposts, ask and give support to one another, write shareposts, ask and answer questions, and be an active participant on the site.  Not everyone has the time for a lot of participation and we understand that.  What this site is not about is to promote spam, troll the site to provoke arguments among members and experts, and to launch personal attacks.  Debates, differences of opinion, are encouraged.  Negative attacks just to rile up the site and create a disturbance...will not be tolerated. 


    Last but not least we want to hear about your week.


    1.  On a scale of one to ten how would you rate your week?


    2.  What was the best part of this week for you?


    3.  What was the most challenging aspects of the week?  How did you cope?


    4.  What have you done this week to improve your mood or your life situation?  Have you taken any baby steps towards wellness?  We want to hear about them.


    Thank you so much for all your participation on this site.  I especially thank those who, despite their own challenges, continue to reach out to others.  We are all in this together. 




Published On: August 20, 2011