Distraction from Depression

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  • Hi everybody


    I think it is time for a little respite or distraction from depression.  What do you say?  I know such frivolity will not cure your depression but maybe it will give you a few minutes to think of something else. 


    Something funny:


    I love this quote from Roseanne Barr about "that time of the month." 


    "Women complain about PMS, but I think of it as the only time of the month when I can be myself."


    A movie you have probably never seen before:


    I always have trouble remembering the details of movies such as the title, who stars in them, etc.  I had a conversation with my husband where I asked him if he remembered the movie about a two-headed man and one of the heads was of Steeler Franco Harris.  Of course he tells me he has never seen such a movie and that it does not exist.  Okay so I got the sports celebrity wrong but there was a move called, The Thing with Two Heads, and starred Rosey Grier.  Am I the only one who has seen this movie? 

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    Good news for us middle-aged folk:


    As reported in a 2010 issue of The Economist, we begin to get happier at the ripe age of 46.  This is my age so I am waiting on the magic to happen.  Things are supposed to go up from here.  The age of 46 is depicted as being at the "U-bend" of life. 


    The happiest pets...


    If you do a search on youtube for the happiest pets you are going to find some funny stuff.


    But then there are pets who are not so happy like this parrot who complains at great length about going to work every day and having to take care of family and everybody.  I think some of us can relate! 



    Hope these links and videos make you smile a little. 


    Happy Thursday.



Published On: August 25, 2011