Mood Assessment: How Was Your Week?

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  • Hi everybody!


    Whew...what a week it was for me.  I had something happen that has never happened to me before.  I got the dreaded "blue screen" on my computer.  This was after the error message that some file in Windows was corrupt.  Just lovely.  Of course I was trying to interpret this all as a good thing as in perhaps God or the universe is telling me, "Take a break!"  But all I could do was panic and fuss.  I have all my files now but somehow I cannot get on-line with my computer.  So I am using one of my teen son's old computers.  It makes me wonder how we ever lived without computers.  What on earth did we do with ourselves?

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    There is even a name for this type of anxiety over technology:  Computer Stress Syndrome.  I have learned my lesson...back up everything!  Remember this episode of Sex in the City:  My Motherboard Myself.


    Enough about my computer drama.  We want to hear abouy you.


    1.  On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your week?


    2.  What was your favorite part of this week?


    3.  What was especially challenging about this week?  How did you cope?

    4. What did you do to be kind to yourself?  If you were not kind to do you plan on being kind to yourself this week?


    I hope everyone is doing okay.  I hope to catch up soon.  Please have patience with me. 


    Thank you all for participating on this site!

Published On: September 10, 2011