Mood Assessment: How Was Your Week?

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  • Hi everybody


    We have made it through yet another week.  Time is passing so quickly.  Fall has arrived and the temperature is adjusting.  I am very happy to say farewell to summer.  Too hot for my liking.  And Autumn is my favorite season.  I look at Fall more like some people look at a time for regrowth and change. 


    What is your favorite season?


    Before we discuss how your week has gone we need to address some technical issues we have been having on MyDepressionConnection.  As of 9 PM Thursday evening I was not able to comment on member posts or comments.  I tried again this morning and was still unable to post comments.  As always, these things seem to happen near or on weekends.  It might appear that we have a site "gremlin" who likes to cause mischief.  :>)

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    I want to apologize to any members who have been trying to comment, post, ask or answer questions and cannot.   I also wish to apologize to any members who have posted shareposts and did not receieve any comments. It is due to this glitch.  I do not yet know the extent of the problem but I have taken the matter to my producer and have alerted other Health Central writers and community leaders so that they are aware.


    Here is a way that you can help.  If you are experiencing any technical difficulties on this site or any other HC site please do contact the community leader for that site.  Here is the link to my profile.  There is a blue "send message" link under my profile.  You can send a private message to me to let me know the details of any technical problems you are having with this site.  The more detail the better, so we can pass this along to our tech people.


    Thanks so much for your patience.


    We would like to hear about your week.


    1.  On a scale of 1-10 how was your week?


    2.  What was the best thing to happen this week?


    3.  What was the worst part of this week?  What did you find especially challenging?


    4.  Are you looking forward to or dreading the cooler weather? 


    I sure hope you guys can comment.  If are not able please shoot me an e-mail and we will get to bottom of this. 


    Have a good weekend everyone!



Published On: September 17, 2011