Mental Wellness Goals: The Question of the Week

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  • Hello everyone


    I sure hope you are bearing with us.  As I have mentioned in previous posts, as have some members (Thank you Paul and Judy!), we are experiencing some technical difficulties on MyDepressionConnection.


    My producer and our tech team have been alerted.  It seems that for whatever reason, some posts are unable to receive comments.  An error message comes up asking us to "check our information."  What is puzzling is that only some posts are being affected but especially mine. 


    My apologies for the inconvenience. 


    I do thank all the members who have tried to help and who have written responses to posts through site email.  This shows what a great site and members we have for people to go out of their way to participate even when the technology is not being cooperative.

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    My question for you this week is about your journey towards mental wellness.


    What goals do you have to improve your mental wellness?


    One of my goals this week is not to freak out when the unexpected happens and roll with the punches.  :>)    It has not been easy. 


    How about you?  Do you have any specific goals to decrease your depression and anxiety or to feel better in general?


    I sure hope you can share them with us. 


    If you are unable to comment one idea is to write a sharepost with the question of the week in the title.


    Thanks everyone for participating on this site.  I may be more quiet than usual due to the tech problems....but I am here and listening and reading your shareposts.





Published On: September 20, 2011