Are Vitamins Harmful? The Question of the Week

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    Well talk about contradictions.  Most of my doctors applaud me when I take my vitamins.  I have been prescribed vitamins by some of my docs such as Vitamin D as well as B-12. 


    But wait...


    Here comes the latest study which says that some of these vitamins may be harmful for us (us being defined as older women who routinely take vitamins).


    Here are the details.


    USA Today reports that according to a study published just yesterday (Monday October 10, 2011) in the journal, Archives of Internal Medicine, that older women who take a daily vitamin supplement (this includes a muti-vitamin) have an increased risk of dying of either cancer or cardiovascular disease.

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    Say what???


    • The average age of the women in the study was 61.

    • The researchers took data from the Iowa Women's Study to research the link between vitamin supplements and death rates for over 38,000 women.

    • They found that vitamin B6, folic acid, iron, magnesium, zinc and copper were associated with increased risk of death.

    • Iron intake was the supplement most associated with an increase in death among these women.

    • But calcium supplements were associated with a decreased risk of death for the women in this study.

    Pamela Flores from our Osteoporosis site has given me a link to share on some commentary on this particular study.  Pam, I do hope you will come and share your thoughts on this.  I know you will have a lot to tell our members.


    My personal opinion is that research is not totally unbiased and that we may not be getting the whole picture.  As a consumer I find these types of studies very confusing. 


    What is your take on this?  Do you believe that vitamins can be harmful to some individuals?  Do you take supplements?  Do any of you take supplements for your mental health?  Are they working for you?


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Published On: October 11, 2011