Ohio Man Kills Himself After Releasing 50 Exotic Animals Into Nearby Community

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  • Has anyone seen this news report yet?


    USA Today and other new sources are showing the horrifying scenes in Zanesville Ohio where Terry Thompson, owner of a wild animal farm, has set free exotic animals including bears, giraffes, tigers, cougars, leopards, wolves, and monkeys.  After setting the animals free Thompson shot himself. 


    As a result of Thompson's apparent suicide, 49 of these animals have been killed so far.  The explanation given for shooting to kill instead of using a tranquilizer gun was to protect the people who live in the surrounding community.  Evidently they did not have tranquilizer guns. 

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    My personal response is horror.  Many of these animals are endangered species.


    For example they killed 18 tigers, some at close range.


    Here is another piece of this story. According to the Chicago Tribune Thompson had been charged with animal cruelty 11 times since 2004. 


    How could this have happened?


    Thompson left no suicide note so officials are still speculating about the motive for his self-inflicted shooting resulting in his death.


    This is a story with no good ending. I feel very sad for this man's family but also for all of those animals who were killed.  This whole scenario should never have happened. 






Published On: October 19, 2011