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    Wanted to apologize for my not being here this week.  This week has been....there is no other word for it...traumatizing.  On Monday evening my son with autism had what we think (we still don't know) was a seizure.  He turned blue, he was barely breathing and about as limp as a rag doll.  He also has a peanut allergy so we wondered about that.  But this happened while he was sleeping and there was no evidence of any allergic reaction.  The paramedics came in full force as we were starting CPR.  By then my son was coming around but was very dazed, confused and extremely tired.  His heart, blood sugar, and blood pressure were okay.  So they suggested that it may have been a seizure.  Evidently seizures and autism can be co-morbid conditions.  But I am also wondering about sleep apnea. 

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    So we are in limbo right now to see what could have caused this.  My son's neurologist has still not called back and it has been two days.  I am not happy and we may switch doctors over this.  In an emergency situation you need a doctor who is responsive. 


    My son is doing okay now as far as we can tell, just very tired.  It was a very frightening experience for our family.  But my son has little to no memory of the event which might be a blessing.


    I will try, as I am able, to respond to your posts, comments, and questions. Just wanted to say hello and let you guys know what is going on.  Please keep writing and sharing.  It helps me to know that the site is still lively and going strong.


    Let us know how your week is going so far.  We want to hear from you!

Published On: November 09, 2011