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  • Hi guys


    There is a lot going on lately (the understatement of the year) which is why I have been absent from the site for a few or so days.


    Wanted to give a shout out to our members to get active.  We need your comments, questions, and shareposts!


    Have you ever watched a kid's show called Wonder Pets?  They have this song on there called Teamwork.  What's it gonna take?  Teamwork!  Okay so basically those are the lyrics.  But it says everything it needs to.  It takes teamwork to keep our sites lively and active.  We need you!


    Wanted to also highlight our other mental health sites and mental health writers:

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    We also have some very talented writers on our mental health team including Jerry Kennard, freelance writer, consultant and psychologist.  Marcia Purse is also one of our top writers, writing about her firsthand experience with bipolar disorder.  We are also fortunate to have Deborah Gray with us, who some of you may know from her famous blog, Wing of Madness.


    In addition we also have an amazing question answerer, Judy, who you guys know from this site. 


    Tag!  You're It!


    Looking forward to hearing from you.  Let us know what is happening in your world. 




Published On: December 01, 2011