Are Antidepressants Over-Prescribed? Depression Community Discussion

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  • Hello everyone


    I apologize for being late with the question of the week.  It has been a "fun-filled" week for me with me and my son visiting our neurologists.  I was prescribed Prednisone for a Multiple Sclerosis flare and my son was prescribed Lamictal for seizures.  When my pharmacist sees me he seems gleeful with all these prescriptions.  I am beginning to feel like a walking pharmacy.


    Speaking of medications...


    My question for you is:   Do you feel that antidepressants and psychotropic drugs in general are over-prescribed these days?


    Or do you feel that more people are being accurately diagnosed with mental health issues and are being treated with medication appropriately?

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    Thoughts?  We want to hear them.


    For more information about medications from our mental health sites please refer to these Health Central resources:






Published On: January 12, 2012