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  • Hi everyone


    It is Friday finally.  The weekend has officially begun.   Does anybody have any special plans?


    I would like to know how your week is going.  And I want to offer a special invitation to anyone who has not yet participated on our site by writing a sharepost or posting a comment.  This site is yours.  It belongs to you.  You can use this site to gain support, to share your story, or find information about how to cope with your depression.  We love new people...the more this community grows...the more support you can give and receive.  So think about it.  Take a chance and join in the conversation. 

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    In addition to sharing about your week I have another question for you. 


    When have you experienced your best mood?  When have you felt the most mentally healthy, happy, and/or peaceful?  What was going on in your life at that time? 


    For some of us who have depression it may be difficult to remember the last time you felt happy.  But I think it is important to try to remember as this can give you clues as to how you can feel this way again. 


    It is possible to feel mentally well again after depression.  I want to give everyone here that hope. 


    I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Thank you for being a member of this site.



Published On: January 27, 2012