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  • Okay so I have a confession to make. 


    (shhhh don't tell anybody but I am not real fond of social media)


    There I said it. 


    In some ways social media can be a bit of a time sucking machine.  Yes there are some great things about it.  It can bring people together who you otherwise would never meet.  It can help you to discover new interests.  But do all the likes and the hearts and friending really mean anything?  That I am not so sure about.  I dare say it can give one delusions of grandeur.  :>)


    My friend Pam Flores from over on our Osteoporosis site told me about Stumble Upon some months ago and I didn't jump to join in immediately.  I actually had tried it when it first came out years ago and just didn't have the time to devote to really taking a good gander at it.  But then another friend of mine joined recently and so I reluctantly said, "Okay let me see what this is about."

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    And you know what?  It is kinda fun. 


    StumbleUpon is a cool way to discover new websites, blogs, articles, videos, etc which pertain to your interests.


    For example check out this Visual DNA personality test I found.  In taking their visual quiz I found out that I am a "seeker."  Hey I knew that already but it was fun.


    And if you like cats as I do you may appreciate these cartoon caricatures of the many facets of a cat's personality.


    In some ways stumbleupon can be good for your mood.  If you put things on there that make you happy (like cute cat pictures for me) it can raise your spirits to go there and look at your likes.  It puts a smile on my face!


    If you join you can share your "likes" with the world.  They don't require you to give your real name or where you live except maybe the country so privacy-wise it is low risk. 


    You can also follow people and like their stuff.  For example if you like some of the Health Central articles here you can give them a thumbs up on your stumbleupon page.


    If you want to see my current "likes" or follow me on StumbleUpon here is my official stumbleupon page.  Just be patient with me as I am learning as I go.  I have just set this up this morning.  So I am not sure of all the ins and outs yet.


    Do any of you use stumbleupon?  How do you like it?  If you have a stumbleupon page and would like to share it please do so in the comment section to this post.


    Happy Stumbling!


    But remember to turn off the computer once and awhile and come up for air.  Smile



Published On: January 29, 2012