Groundhog Day: What Day Would You Like to Live Over Again?

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  • Okay so everyone know's it is Groundhog Day right?


    Talk about peculiar holiday.  We pull a groundhog out of a hole and judge whether we will have more spring or winter on his shadow.  Uh huh...sure...that makes sense.  :>)


    I guess about as much sense as a big rabbit delivering eggs in baskets or a fat man in a red suit climbing down our chimneys.


    Anyways...I think the prediction is six more weeks of winter.  I am like...what winter?  It has been so warm that plants are blooming.  I have a fan on right now it is so warm.  No global warming here.  That must be one of those myths.  :>)

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    So you all must know about the movie called Groundhog Day right?  Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell?  The whole premise of the movie is that Bill Murray plays the part of a weatherman who must cover the festivities associated with Groundhog Day and finds himself in an infinite time loop where he repeats the same day over and over and over....and over.  Now if you ask any man he is going to say that this is a great movie.  Right up there with Blazing Saddles and The Blues Brothers.  Sure it was a good movie but I am not quite sure of the appeal of living the same day over again repeatedly. 


    Here is my question of the week for you:


    Which day of your life would you like to live over again and possibly change? 


    Talk amongst yourselves.  I will be here!

Published On: February 02, 2012