Why are You Depressed? The Depression Community Question of the Week

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  • Hi everybody


    I thought that this week we would get straight to the heart of our mood disorder. 


    If you could put it into words, why do you think you are depressed?


    When we speak of depression we kind of lump it all together as though everyone was dealing with the same thing.  In a clinical sense perhaps we are in some ways.  But I tend to think that we are more than our biology.  Each one of us has a past including a social and emotional history.  We all have our unique stressors.  Depression is a multi-faceted beast.  I think if we share these possible reasons for our depression, my hypothesis is that we will see that depression is unique to each individual.

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    I am eager to hear your answers to this question.  There are no right or wrong answers.  Whatever first pops into your head...write it down and keep going until you are finished.


    If this question is too difficult with the way it is phrased try this:


    Fill in the blank.  I am depressed because.....?  Or if you have survived depression...I was depressed because...?


    A big thanks to everyone who participates on our site.  I notice that we have a lot more shareposts by members lately.  This makes me very happy.  When you write a post, comment, or answer someone's question it helps our community grow.  It is all good stuff because the more people who join in, the more support we can give and receive. 


    Hope you are all having a good week.


Published On: February 23, 2012