Visualizing Depression: What Does Your Depression Look Like?

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  • Hi everyone

    This past weekend I discovered this gift store full of fascinating finds such as bacon flavored gum, a tote bag with the picture of the "dramatic prairie dog" on it, and a set of glow in the dark zombie figures. This is my kinda store! They also had a pack of psychological games including a poster of a giant house with figures engaging in various activities such as sliding down the bannister or even someone banging their head against the wall. You are supposed to choose the figure which represents how you feel today.


    My psychological fun pack also includes pictures of houses, gardens, and abstract visuals to choose from to determine my personality. Of course they all read like horoscopes to fit everyone: You have a complex personality with strong convictions but sometimes you are too shy to express your thoughts and feelings. I am a sucker for this kind of thing what can I say?

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    So I thought it would be interesting to invent our own psychological game with some visuals. This quiz will answer the question of what your depression looks like and what things help you the most to get through the bad times.

    1. Which of the following images best respresent your depression? You may also choose to say, all of these.


    Like you are a leaf in the wind with no control over anything.


    A brooding storm


    You feel broken and useless.


    Like you are wilting or even dieing.



    You feel alone in what you are going through.


    2. What helps you the most in coping with your depression?


    Accepting help and support from others.


    Starting over from scratch.


    Writing a journal or getting your thoughts and feelings down on paper.


    Treating yourself.


    Appreciating the beauty in nature and in small things.

    Your pets.


    Cooking or baking as therapy.


    Music therapy.


    Prayer or meditation.


    I must say that this was harder to create than I had expected. I am eager to hear your answers!

    Thank you for participating on Health Central's depression site.


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Published On: March 01, 2012