Depression Community Question: Why are You a Member of Health Central?

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  • Hi everyone


    Every once in awhile it is important to evaluate how we are doing and if we are doing enough to serve you, our valuable members. 


    As the community leader here on our depression site I am curious about your perspective on the importance of community.


    My question of the week is:


    What brings you here to our depression site or other Health Central sites?


    Is it....

    • Our slideshows

    • Quizzes

    • A popular search engine term brought you here

    • News on a particular health topic

    • The accuracy of the health information provided

    • Articles which begin with numbers such as "10 Easy Ways to..." or "5 Frequently asked questions about..."

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    • The organization and ease of navigation of the site.

    • A sense of community and support

    • The responsiveness of writers and leaders to address your questions, comments and shareposts.

    • Quality writing about topics of importance to you.

    • The patient perspective

    • The medical or "expert" perspective

    • You trust the content with no fears of a conflict of interest between writers and paid advertisers.

    • You like the personality of the writers and leaders.

    • You are impressed by some of the writer's connections, credentials, and stated expertise as indicated by their profile.

    • You want to find others who share your condition to learn new ways to cope.

    • You are a caregiver and you want to find out how to help your loved one.

    • You have a particular condition and you want to give back to others who are also going through this.

    • You honestly want some help in order to cope with your medical or mental conditions and you desire human connection and support more so than research articles.

    • You are looking for inspiration or a new perspective on how to deal with your condition.

    • You are a student looking for information for a term paper.

    • You have a question you want answered.


    Obviously there are a ton of varied reasons for someone to visit our site.  These are just some of the possible reasons.  Please share yours with us.

    What has brought you to this site or other Health Central sites?


    In addition:


    What keeps you coming to the depression site or Health Central in general?



    Your honesty is essential.  We are interested in your opinion and perspective.  If you have never participated on this site before I would strongly urge you to do so now.  This is your site and I want YOU to have a voice about your community.


    Thanks so much for your participation.





Published On: March 20, 2012