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  • You know that song don't you?  "Getting to know you, getting to know all about you..."  I had a co-worker who would sing that song as well as other musical show tune numbers when he was feeling happy.  But I digress.  The title of my post alludes to the fact that I wish to get to know you, my reader.


    One of the marvelous things about writing on a site such as Health Central is that I have the opportunity to get to know my readers.  I also am able to get feedback about how my writing resonates with you.  This is truly helpful to me so I can become a better writer as well as write things which are meaningful for you.

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    I think it would not only be helpful for me but to all the other people out there who read here, to share some of your experience.  I have learned so much in the short time I have been writing here for My Depression Connection.  The greatest thing of course is that the human spirit is so very resilient.  I hear some of your stories and I marvel at what strength you all have to persevere despite your many on-going challenges.  I want you to keep hanging in there and keep writing and sharing.  Your story could help another fellow traveler who finds that they are walking a similar path.


    I invite you now to answer any or all of the following questions.  Like I said...I think this will help both me and others who also suffer from depression.


    1.  Do you suffer from depression yourself or are you a friend or loved one of someone who has depression?


    2. If you do have depression, how long have you had it? 


    3.  What would you say has helped you to cope the most with your depression? 


    4.  What advice would you give to someone who has been newly diagnosed with clinical depression?


    5.  What are some things that family and friends can do to help the person who suffers from depression?


    6.  What are some of the biggest myths about depression?


    We really value your input and feedback here.  Without you, the reader, this site would not exist.  I am greatly looking forward to your responses.  Feel free to answer in the form of comments to this post. 


Published On: October 26, 2008