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  • Dear MyDepressionConnection Members:  


    I just wanted to introduce myself.  I am a writer for this site and I have recently been given an additional role of being the Community Manager for MyDepressionConnection.  I am both thrilled and honored to have this opportunity. 


    I wanted to take this time to let you know how valued you are as a member of this site as well as  The HealthCentral Network as a whole.    It is my opinion that a web site is only as good as its community.  And I feel that we have a wonderful community here on MyDepressionConnection for a number of reasons.  I have seen so many of you reach out despite your depression to help and give emotional support to others who are also suffering from depression.  I love the civility that I see on this site.  Members have predominantly been kind and show compassion and respect towards others regardless of the topic of discussion.  I have seen you write some beautiful and sometimes heart wrenching shareposts.  I see members helping other members by sharing experiences and information.  There is such power in a strong community.  And I see our community only getting better over time.  

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    I want to tell you all how amazed I am by your resilience and strength to keep surviving your depression.  I also greatly admire how so many of you wish to give back by helping others.  Please keep reaching out in writing shareposts.  And please continue to help others by making comments and answering questions.  Also feel free to ask any questions of your own.  We are all in this together.  


    Of course in the yin and yang of things, there will be those rare members who wish to use the site for ulterior purposes.


    I want to just take a few minutes of your time to point out some of HealthCentral's rules and terms of service:  


     *  For those of you who do not know where to find HealthCentral's Terms of Use I will give you the link right here.  


      *  HealthCentral defines many rules for use but I will highlight several that I feel are very important with regard to recent incidents on the site:  


     "You may not post or transmit spam, petitions for signatures, chain letters or letters relating to pyramid schemes. You may not post or transmit any advertising, promotional materials or any other solicitation of other users to use goods or services."  


     "The Site may contain links to or advertisements for web sites operated by other parties (the "Third Party Sites"). The links to and advertisements concerning Third Party Sites are provided for your convenience only. We do not control such Third Party Sites and we are not responsible for the content and performance of these Third Party Sites or for your transactions with them. Our inclusion of links to or advertisements for such Third Party Sites does not imply any endorsement of the material, products or services on such Third Party Sites or any association with their operators."  


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     "You may not post or transmit any Member Content which is harmful, threatening, abusive or hateful. It is not our intent to discourage users from taking controversial positions or expressing vigorously what may be unpopular views; however, we reserve the right to take such action as we deem appropriate in cases where the Member Content is being used to disseminate statements which are deeply and widely offensive and/or harmful. However, we are not obligated to take any action."


     What does this mean exactly for members?  


     *  You may not post links to products you are selling in your profile, shareposts, comments, questions or answers.  If you post a link to something you are selling we will remove those links.  We will then give you a  written warning.  If you continue to post links to your product then it is very possible that you will be banned from the site.  


     *  You are discouraged from posting your phone number, address, or personal email address in your public profile,shareposts, comments, questions, or answers.  If you do post personal information such as this we may remove it from the site.  


     *  You are discouraged from creating multiple identities on the site in order to sell products or to harass other members and contributors.   


     *  We have zero tolerance for disrespect shown to the site moderator, experts, or fellow community members. 


    If you have any questions for me, you may always reach me here on site by going to my profile page and send me a message. 


    Teri Robert is a contributor here who also will assist in moderating the site.  You may reach her through her profile page to send a message. 


    If you have any other concerns our contact page may be found right here.  


    We will do our best to ensure that our members feel both comfortable and safe here. 


    Thank you!


    Merely Me

Published On: April 19, 2009