How Effective Are Anti-depression Medications

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  • It's that time again!  What shall we discuss today?


    Since so many of our questions are about antidepressants I would like to begin a conversation about this topic here today.


    So many of the forums out there talk about the drawbacks to taking antidepressants such as side effects, withdrawal symptoms, and how many of them don't work for some individuals.  I definitely want to have discussions about these issues but it seems that the more positive stories do get lost in the mix.


    My question for you today is:


    Does anyone have a success story to tell about taking antidepressants? 

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    If you have taken antidepressants or are taking antidepressants currently, can you tell us which antidepressant has worked the best for you?  Be as specific as possible.  If a medication has helped you tell us how and in what ways.  Do you feel happier on your antidepressant?  Have people noticed a change in your mood?  Do you feel more able to deal with day to day life including stressors? 


    Tell your story here.  We want to hear it!



Published On: April 23, 2009