Connecting with Others Who Have Depression

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    One of the ways that we are able to survive our depression is to connect with others who travel a similar path.  We find solace in being a part of something bigger than ourselves.  There is both strength and emotional sustenance in being part of a community.


    I feel uplifted when I come to My Depression Connection because of what I witness  here on a daily basis.  I see so many of you, despite your individual struggles and pain, come to the aid of others who are in need of compassion and support.  This is what it is all about.  I believe that each time you help someone you are also helping yourself out of the well of despair. 

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    In honor of the spirit of community I will be acknowledging one member of our community each week who makes a difference on My Depression Connection.  It may be through their insightful comments.  It may be through their heartfelt shareposts.  Or it could be that they take the time to reach out to other community members to lend consistent support. 


    This week we will be recognizing Rose Martin for her contributions to our community.  Rose offers both compassion and empathy in her comments to others.  Rose is always there to provide solace and comfort to anyone who needs it.  In addition she offers a balanced and insightful perspective with the input she gives.  I admire her courage in being both forthright and honest in sharing her experiences.  What I appreciate most about Rose is that she keeps it real but never forgets to remind others that there is always hope.


    Thank you Rose for all that you do for our community!



Published On: May 13, 2009