Finding Meaning and Purpose in Life With Depression

Merely Me Health Guide

    Hello everyone.


    I hope everyone is having a good week.  Been having an up and downy week myself.  I find myself riding a small emotional rollercoaster.  Emotions are tricky aren't they? 


    Let's see here...what shall we discuss today?


    I am torn between discussing meds (the hot topic of our question and answer forum) or something philosophical.


    I am opting for the philosophical question today.


    The My Depression Question of the week is...drum roll please...



    What gives your life meaning and purpose?


    I strongly believe that one of the things which helps with depression is to find something which sustains you...some core purpose for your life to keep you going.  I want to hear what yours is.  Why do you think you are here?  What direction, purpose, you wish to take for your life?

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Published On: May 14, 2009