The Spirit of Community Award!

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    Hi everyone! 


    I hope you all are hanging in there. It is that time again for another Spirit of Community Award!  Each week I will be recognizing one member of our My Depression Connection community who makes our site better because of their contributions. 


    My little heart was warmed recently by one of our members named Sandy.  I have been answering many of Sandy's questions each week, usually providing some reassurance about her new medications.  It is hard when you start some new treatment or medication and not knowing what it might do or if it will even work.  So I totally understand anxiety about such things.

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    I was really happy for Sandy that she rode it out and stayed with her meds and also with us here. 


    The incident which really touched me was that after weeks of worry, Sandy responded to another member here who was also worried about their medication.  She took the time to talk about her experience and how it was difficult for her during those initial weeks of waiting for her medication to work, but that she was finally feeling better.  Sandy was able to reach beyond her depression and extend some hope to another member in need of some support.


    And that is what community is truly about.


    We are all here because either we suffer from depression or we have a family member or loved one who has depression.  And it ain't easy.  Not by a longshot.  When I see someone who has their share of troubles but yet takes the time to extend the hand of friendship to someone else in the same boat...I think that this is a person who is on the road towards mental wellness.


    Sandy...seeing your kind gesture filled me with hope.  Thank you for this. 


    And so we recognize you here today for being a very valued member of My Depression Connection.  I hope you continue to reach out to others as well as share your personal experience.


    Thank you Sandy!


Published On: May 20, 2009