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    It is that time again to recognize someone from our My Depression Connection Community who has helped our site to grow and become an even better place.


    This week's award goes to Pat.


    I have been writing here since August of last year and I think Pat has been here for just about as long.  And since he has been here Pat has shown a fierce dedication to helping others on the site.  A lot of questions are asked on our site and Pat is right there to try to give an answer to anyone in need. 


    I am especially appreciative of those times when Pat was there for members who were expressing suicidal thoughts.  This is not a 24 hour manned site nor is it a crisis intervention site but we do want to do our best to try to help folk who are experiencing emotional crisis.  It does take the whole community to be willing to help each other through some of the darkest times.  Pat is one community member who has chosen to assist others during these times and I am especially grateful.

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    So thank you Pat, for all that you do.  We are glad you are a part of our community!


Published On: June 03, 2009