Depression, Achieving your Life List of Dreams, Aspirations, & Effects of Time

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    It is time for a brand new question of the week.  Been thinking lately about how short life really is.  Perhaps this is because I am an old fart!  But honestly the time passes so quickly.  Remember when you were a kid and a year was so long.  It took so long to get to be summer vacation or Christmas.  Now it is just a blip of time.  There must be some scientific explanation for this.


    Sorry for the blathering...I tend to do that.


    I was reading a book recently called "2Do Before I Die" by Michael Ogden and Chris Day and it is full of exercises to do about this topic as well as essays from people who write about all the things they have wanted to do...and then do them such as change my career, grow a beard, run with bulls, and so forth.

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    I have also heard people call this a "bucket list" from that one movie. 


  question to you this week is...what are some of the things you want to do before you die?  Let's explore!

    The sky is the limit...tell us your dreams.


Published On: June 04, 2009