Depression Struggles, Rage, Self-Harm: Sharing Behavior & Experience Openly

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  • Hello everyone...I hope you are all doing well.


    I have been having a lot of fun in choosing the recipients for the spirit of community award.  I am very proud of our My Depression Connection site and especially because of the members.  I see a lot of good things going on especially with members helping other members.


    This week I had a hard time deciding who I would recognize from our community for this award just because we have so many great members.


    But in the end I chose Lyra Storm.


    I have been reading Lyra Storm's posts since she came to our site and I do believe she is a writer in the making.  Lyra has a very eloquent way of describing what this experience is like to suffer from depression.  Her profile says she keeps fighting and that is exactly what I am seeing.

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    There are some can see their progress visibly...I can see this with Lyra.  She pulls no punches and tells us with honesty about her struggle and the many sides to depression including rage. 


    Lyra...I also commend you for truly reaching out to others here in your comments to others.  You provide support, compassion, and also your own experiences. 


    I love your honesty, your courage, and your willingness to help others.


    Thank you Lyra Storm for all you do for our community!


    Here are some flowers for you!


Published On: June 10, 2009