Is Your Mental Heath Care Edequate?

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  • Hi all!


    It is Thursday once again and that means it is time for another question of the week!


    Let's talk about health care this week.  How do you feel about the health care you receive for your mental health?  I know we have readers from around the world so this will be very interesting to hear about what you think is working in your part of the world and what you think is not working.


    My question this week is:



    Is the health care that you receive for your mental health adequate for your needs?  If you feel it is not adequate what changes or provisions do you feel should be enacted?Please tell us where you are from and a little about how your health care system works. Do you feel that mental health is looked upon as high priority in your country?   

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    I know we have a world wide audience so I am very curious as to how you all will respond.  My personal opinion is that health care here in the United States is woefully inadequate and especially for those who need help for mental health issues.  But I would like to hear from others what they think. 


    Thank you as always for your participation in these discussions.

Published On: July 02, 2009