Dealing with Anger at Others & Self in Depression: Emotion Triggers & Control

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    It is Thursday!  How did that happen? 


    Let's talk about anger.  It is one of the predominant emotions underlying depression.  If you suffer from depression I have no doubt that you have a heap of anger under the sadness and apathy. 


    I think for a lot of us, it is difficult to get angry about the big stuff because quite often there is nobody or nothing to direct our anger at.  Like having an illness, or being laid off from work, or a death.  The anger is there but without a direction.  So we might get extra angry at the little stuff that someone tailgating you, or the ego driven co-worker who steals your ideas and takes credit for them, or the family member who leaves one drop of milk in the milk carton in the fridge.

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    Just the other day I was incensed about an impatient check out clerk in Target.  I was buying shoes for my son and was in line.  I find that with my Multiple Sclerosis I am less able to handle over stimulation such as crowds and the hub bub of people such might find in stores.  I get a little flustered at times.  I was having trouble finding my credit card so the clerk had to wait a minute.  And then of course I put the card in the  slot the wrong way. Instead of helping me...the clerk stood there full of disdain and attitude. 


    In reality i didn't take that long but the clerk's attitude about the whole thing really angered me.  So much so that I fumed all the way home.


    And then I thought that it probably wasn't so much this clerk that got me so upset as the fact that I am having these issues (feeling flustered in crowds) in the first place.  But it sure was easier getting mad at a clerk than it was to be mad at my Multiple Sclerosis.  You know what I mean?


    My question for this week is:  How do you deal with your anger over the little petty stuff and petty people who provoke?  How does one not sweat the small stuff?  What do you do with your anger?


    As always, I am very appreciative of all the kind and compassionate folk we have here who go out of their way to help others.  You just may be a rare breed. 





Published On: July 09, 2009