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    I have been meaning to give this award for some time now to a very special member of our community.  Her name is Judy.


    Judy has been a member of My Depression Connection for some time now and most of her time is spent in giving to others.  All you have to do is read Judy's many comments to others to realize how special she is.  I have personally felt so much support and compassion from Judy no matter what topic we are discussing.  This sort of emotional support has a domino effect...I have seen it firsthand in our community...where Judy will elicit a chain reaction where others will then join in to provide help and support to others who need it. 

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    Judy also has had much experience in dealing with her depression and has developed much wisdom to pass along. 


    This is truly what community is all about...sharing our stories with others and saying, "You are not alone."


    Judy...thank you for all that you do here.  Our site would not be the same without you.  I hope you stay on with us for a good long time.  We need you.


    I wish they were real but here are some flowers for you. 


    YOU ARE SPECIAL!  Thanks Judy!

Published On: July 15, 2009