Is Depression a Biological Disease?

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  • It is Thursday...almost Friday.  So this should cheer us up huh? 


    Time for a question.


    Last week's question really got y"all talking!  It was great to see.  I will provoke you once more with this question:


    Do you feel that Depression is a biological disease?


    We say that it is.  But is this always the case?  And what implications are there for saying that depression is a disease?  Here is an interesting Psychology Today article which attempts to address this question.



    If you don't think depression is a biological disease then what do you think it is?  How would you define depression?

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    I am very curious to see what you all think.  I will try to answer this question myself after I hear what you have to say.


    As always...we are most appreciative of your thoughts and insights.  Please share them here!

Published On: July 16, 2009