Depression & Personal Success Definitions: Social, Skills & Passions, One's Best

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    Hey everyone!  It is Thursday and time for a new question of the week!


    I have been thinking about the word "succes" lately and the many meanings one can attribute to this word.



    What is your personal definition of success?

    Here is my definition for myself:


    • That I share my gifts.
    • That I try to help others the best way that I can.
    • That I give love.  (and to feel loved)
    • That I survive the obstacles put before me
    • That I feel grattitude for my life no matter the circumstances
    • That I have a pure heart
    • That I will continue to give of myself until the day that I die

    This is success for me.  Sometimes I need to remember the reason why I exist.  I feel it is good to write such things down periodically.

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    Now it is your turn!  What is success for you?  What would make you proud of yourself?



Published On: July 23, 2009