Having Fun, Being Active with Depression: Favorite Ways to Feel Better Outside

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    How is everyone on this fine Thursday?  I hope you all are coping well today.  Been feeling like a hermit myself lately and so I decided to get out of the house and do something fun!  I signed up for a belly dancing class.  I had taken this class several years ago and I loved it.   Here is a picture of me then.  Don't laugh!  I have also tried ballroom dancing.  I am a big klutz and not good at dancing but it doesn't matter.  I just have fun, that is what it is all about.





    My question for you all today is...What do you do for fun?  Or what would you like to do if you could?  Sometimes whether you feel much like it or not it is good to get out of the house and try something new.  It is possible to forget your troubles if only for a little while.

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    On a different note I wanted to ask if I could interview any of you?  It would be a written interview where I would send you questions.  I want to get different age groups of people who suffer from depression: So I need someone who is a teen-ager or twenty something, someone who is in their thirties or forties and some folk who are over fifty.  What do you say?  It could be fun!  Let me know here in a comment or shoot me an email if you would be willing to be interviewed by me.


    Lastly I just want to make sure all our tech stuff works...have any of you had any posting problems today?  And are you having any troubles getting your email notifications? Let me know and I can pass the word along about any troubles. 



Published On: August 06, 2009