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    The theme for today is "HOME"


    This is one of the streets in the inner city where I lived as a kid.  The second row house from the left is where I lived (survived) with my mother.  "Home" for me conjures up so many images.  Some pleasant and some not. 


    Perhaps home is more of a feeling than an actual place.  I have lived in so many place in my life I am not sure I can call any one of them home.


    Here is a poem I wrote some time ago about "home" as defined as that childhood wish for love and safety...my small hand tucked inside my mother's grasp.

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    The Fish Market


    rows of silvery scales
    mouths agape
    slippery string

    sound of knives
    on butcherblock
    thin veiled paper

    babushka women
    tight grey curls
    little black handbags

    smell of snow on coats
    wet concrete
    one forlorn plastic basket

    bus fumes
    push through open door
    grey sky bleeding

    small and invisible
    tucked into the crowd
    inside my mother's hand



    Okay...now it is your turn!  What does "home" mean for you?  What images, words, and feelings does this word conjure?  Write a poem, show an image, or simply share your thoughts here. 



Published On: August 26, 2009