Managing Insurance Costs of Depression

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  • Hi all!


    Before I get to asking my question of the week I want to just tell you several things. 


    The first thing is to tell you all how much I appreciate when you reach out to others here on My Depression Connection by answering questions, making comments, or sharing your own experiences.  We have built this community together and it is a really good one.  There is a lot of love, support, and care here.  So keep up the great job!  and...




    The next thing is...I want to tell you about another great site here on Health Central. 


    Pam Flores is leading the Osteoporosis site here on Health Central and I do hope you pay a visit to get support and information about this disease and how you can prevent it.  I found out that I definitely need to be changing my diet for example.  Osteoporosis is one of the leading causes for find out how to prevent this disease before it develops.

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    And...last but not least.  We are having a couple of discussions about the health care debate over on Multiple Sclerosis Central.  You don't have to have MS to join the discussion.  Let us know what you think in a comment here.


    Okay now for the question!


    How have you managed the cost of your depression?  Have you had to battle the insurance companies?  If you don't have insurance how have you gotten mental health services or medication? 


    Basically we want you to share your story of how you personally manage the cost of your mental health care.  What strategies, tips, tricks, and suggestions do you have for other people on how to navigate our health care system with regard to mental health?


    Please do take the time to answer this question as it will help others along their journey.




Published On: August 27, 2009