Treating Depression Depends on the Individual

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    Merely Me's Happiness Project


    Take one depressed

    Implement one suggestion from a self help book each week

    See what happens


    Can one unmedicated and therapy-less woman find the secret to happiness from the words of self-help gurus?  Let's find out! 


    Just a few things before I begin.  One is...if you have something going on for you which honestly helps such as medication and/or therapy...don't give it up!  Do what is right for you.  There is no one right answer to coping and treating depression. 


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    The second thing is to tell you where I got my idea for this happiness gig.  I went to the movies and saw "Julie/Julia"  It is a movie half about Julie Child and half about this gal named Julie.  Julie is a disgruntled governement employee who tries to find out her life's ambition.  So she starts this blog called, "The Julia Project" where she cooks all of Julie Child's recipes from one cookbook.   And then she writes about it. The movie was a real inspiration for me in a lot of ways.  I am a horrible cook but I do love to blog. 


    Just fired my last therapist...gave up on antidepressants and so it seemed reasonable to substitute "Happiness" for Julia Child.  Okay so it made sense to me! 


    Okay this week I take a look at suggestions given from author Martha Beck's "The Joy Diet."  I love me some Martha Beck.  She wrote a book about her experiences being pregnant with a child who has Down's Syndrome called, Expecting Adam.  A friend told me about this book in this manner, "I have never said this about a book before but this book will change your life."  She was right.  It is one of my favorite books of all time and it has changed my life.



    All right!  So "The Joy Diet" has lots of questions and exercises to guide one towards embracing the joy in life.  Bring it on honey!  I am ready for the joy. 


    I have always thought that happiness includes momentary sensory pleasures.  I think when we are depressed we do forget some of the joys of the sensory experience.  Martha Beck asks five simple questions related to our sensory joys.  Come along with me and participate in answering these fill-in-the blank questions:


    I love the taste of: 


    My answer:  Vanilla, cinnamon, a warm cookie, strawberries, a good soup broth, oh and chocolate. 


    I love the sight of: 


    My answer:  Is it too cliche to say sunsets?  The light coming in through my window blind, flowers in blooom, autumn leaves, and christmas trees.


    I love the feel of:

    My answer:  A warm  comforter, glossy paper, silly putty, bubble wrap, and bark.


    I love the smell of:  Pretty much the same things I enjoy tasting like soups and chocolate and cookies.  And freshly baked bread, the ocean, and bacon. I like food!  And old books.  I love the smell of a used book store.


    I love the sound of:  Thundershowers, leaves rustling, music boxes, the ice-cream truck, and trains in the distance.


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    Your turn!  Come can do this.  It sounds hoaky but you kinda works.  you start thinking of sensory things that you like and this can make you feel happy.   



    Merely Me's Rating of this Happiness Exercise:  SmileSmileSmileSmile  4/5 stars!



    Try'll like it!  Where have I steered you wrong before?  Don't answer that!



    Have a great weekend!  And always remember that happiness is not something anyone can give to you.  You must find it within yourself. 



Published On: August 28, 2009