Sexual Health Side Effects from Depression & Antidepressants, PTSD, Peyronies

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    • Between 35 percent to 47 percent of people with depression experience some sexual problems? If you have severe depression the odds go up to 61 percent. (Source:  The Cleveland Clinic Education Institute)

    • And did you know that many of the antidepressants used to help with depression can also cause sexual dysfunction?  Some of the sexual side effects of some antidepressants include loss of libido, inability to orgasm and for men, erectile dysfunction.  (Source:  American Family Physician, 2000) 

    If you want to find out more about which antidepressants are most likely to cause sexual side effects and what to do about them, please read my article entitled:

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    "Are you Depressed, Taking Antidepressants, and Losing your Libido?  What you can do about it."

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Published On: September 01, 2009