Weight, Beauty Concepts in Depression: Self Image, Sexual Attraction, Acceptance

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    How is everybody doing today?  Good?  Bad?  Somewhere in between?  However you are feeling we want to hear from you.  Don't ever be afraid to reach out...there are a lot of people here who are likely to be going through a similar experience.


    Okay...now for a question.


    I was just looking at this link to a Glamour Magazine story about how a photo of a "normal" sized woman in their magazine prompted feelings of joy in many female readers who were happy to see someone who looked more like them less like a stick thin model.


    There are many reasons contributing to feelings of depression but for many women and for some men....the lack of a postive body image can be one of these reasons.

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    This Glamour story received almost 900 comments from people.   Some responders complained that they don't want to see a "fat" woman in such a magazine and that this type of image promotes laziness and condones obesity.  While many more others were very grateful that a more realistic image of beauty was portrayed as most women are not a size zero. 



    So what are your thoughts on this?  And I really want to hear from our male readers too. So many women beat themselves up for their weight and dress size.  Is it possible to be a bigger size and still feel good about yourself?  Does how the magazines and media present the concept of beauty make you feel depressed about your own body image?  Do you feel that having more plus sized models gracing the magazines would help women feel better about themselves? 


    Let us know what you think!  Your thoughts and opinions are important to us.

Published On: September 03, 2009