Bridges leading to Depression Changes: Envisioning, Invisibility, Pressure Free

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    The theme this week:  "Bridges"

    Bridges are a wonderful metaphor for times in our life when we are about to venture towards some type of change. 


    So I want you to close your eyes and imagine what your bridge looks like.  Is it open or covered?  What is the season?  Is the bridge rickety or solid?  Is it high up or relatively low to the ground?  Does it cover a raging river or gentle stream?  Be as descriptive as you can.


    Now...imagine crossing this bridge.  Where does it lead?  Do a little "automatic writing" where you write without stopping.  Don't worry about spelling or grammar.  Just go where your thoughts lead you. 

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    What have you discovered about yourself?


    I will do a bit of my own exercise here:



    My bridge is a wooden country bridge, somewhat worn and weathered.  The wood is still slick from a recent rain.  There is a gentle stream below.  There is history here...many crossings.  Memories of past and a stillness as though the world were on hold.  If I stay here I don't have to cross.  And I am not sure I want to.


    The other side is rich with color...the brightness is blinding.  I am not sure I belong on this the other side.  I am afraid it is all an illusion.  I wish to go back to the safety of the bridge I know.


    My analysis:  Surprise surprise...I am afraid of change, even if it is good because I don't believe it.  I would rather wait cautiously. 


    How about you?  Want to give this a try?  It can be very therapeutic to let your mind take you to a new place.  Share your experience here!


Published On: September 30, 2009