Question of the Week: Faith and Healing

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  • Hello everyone!


    Today we are going to do something a little different but exciting.  I am not going to ask you a question but rather, I am going to ask you to do the asking of questions.  And here is what we have in mind:


    There is a special section of The Washington Post  on-line called "Faith and Healing."  The two bloggers who write on this topic are Anne Brower and Albert Scariato.  Here is more information about these two writers from The Washington Post site:


    "Healing is a physical and spiritual matter. We ask medicine to heal our bodies, religion to heal our souls. Faith and Healing, a blog hosted by two Washington-area clergy who began their careers as physicians, will explore the connections between the two. The Rev. Dr. Anne C. Brower, is senior chaplain and director of the Healing Ministry at the Washington National Cathedral. She is a graduate of Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons and was honored in 1997 by the American Association of Women Radiologists as "The Most Outstanding Woman Radiologist" in the nation. The Rev. Dr. Albert Scariato, is rector of Saint John's Episcopal Church in Georgetown. He was awarded his M.D. from Jefferson Medical College and was co-owner of a large Radiation Oncology practice in the Baltimore area."

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    What I am going to ask of you today is for you to write some questions about the topics of faith, healing, and spirituality so that I may give these questions to The Washington Post Faith and Healing bloggers to answer. 


    I cannot tell you how the questions will be chosen but from my understanding, your question, if selected, would be answered on The Washington Post site.


    Please also understand that you may ask a question pertaining to any particular faith or even from the viewpoint of having an absence of any faith or religion.


    What would be an example of a question you could ask?  Something I have always wanted to know is are there any studies which show that prayer can help in the healing process?  And could meditation do the same thing?


    So here is what I would like you to do:



    Write down any questions you would like The Washington Post Faith and Healing bloggers to answer and I will pass these along!  I will then let you know which questions were selected to be answered and how to find your answers.


    Sound good?


    In the meantime how about a question for you.  Has your faith helped you to cope with your depression?  And if  Remember to be polite and tolerant of the fact that we all have different faiths, some folk are agnostic, and some are atheist.  We want to be welcoming of all people regardless of religion or faith.  But I think we have a great community here and I believe we can delve into such matters with civility and tolerance.


    Thanks to all who participate in this! 














Published On: October 15, 2009