Weekly Good, Bad, Ugly of Depression & Personal Growth: Swapping Scar Stories

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  • Hey all!


    What's going on in your world? 


    I am going to be speaking at a conference on Monday.  Yeah...little 'ol me.  I will need some heavy duty deoderant I will maybe some buckets under my arm pits!  Smile  I will be nervous for sure.  But this is my chance to say why I am blogging and writing about my experiences on-line.  I am an old timer of sorts.  Why I was blogging before the word, "blog" became mainstream.  I do believe in the power of words and especially on the Internet.  There is a lot of junk to sort through but I believe the best stuff comes from simple people like you and me.  We talk about our experiences and then other people come to realize, "Hey, I am not alone in this after all." 

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    There are times in your life when you may question whether or not you matter.  I have been there.  But I want to tell you that you do matter.  When you come here and you tell your story...you are helping others who have no idea how to cope with the prospect of another day.  When you say that you are having troubles but you keep coming back, it shows that one can survive.  So maybe you don't even know it but your words are reaching someone who needs to know that there is hope. 


    Make a difference.  Write.  Share.  Tell your story. 


    Okay...now I want to hear about your week!


    1.  On a scale of one to ten...with one being the worst and ten being the best...tell me how your week has gone. 


    2.  What was the best and the worst part of this week.  Please don't worry about telling us the bad stuff.  We want to hear the truth...the good, the bad, and the ugly.


    3.  What have you done this week to be kind to yourself or to take a step or two forward with your mental health?  What are you doing to help yourself and is it working for you?


    I love hearing from you guys.  It makes my day.  The support we give to one another is so important.  So let me have it!  How are you?



Published On: October 23, 2009