Challenging Yourself to Step Outside Comfort in Depression: Renewed Activities

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  • Hi guys!


    I iz here!


    Just got back from a conference. is a big deal for me to go to the supermarket so for me to go to a different city and was HUGE!  I will write about the experience soon.


    I am just glad to be back home.  I am really a home body for sure.  Home seems all the more sweet when you have been away. 


    Know that I have missed you guys and will try to catch up. 

  a question for you.



    How have you challenged yourself lately?  How have you gone out of your comfort zone?  And if you haven't challenged yourself how would you like to do so?

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    I know it is hard...believe me!  But doing things a little beyond your realm of what you normally do can be a great growth experience for you.  So let's talk about it!


    Tell us your story!  We love to hear from you.

Published On: October 29, 2009