Riding the Best & Worst Waves of Depression: Receiving Help not just Giving It

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  • Hey everybody!


    It is "Free Falling Friday"


    This is your chance to say it like it is...let it all out...and feel free to just be yourself. 


    This has been a wild week for me.  I went to a conference and I was actually a part of the conference as in...I gave a presentation.  This was HUGE for me.  It is a big deal for me to just go the supermarket by myself without kids.  So this was one of those growing experiences for me.  I hope to write more in detail about my experience soon.  But basically my message was...how important it is for patients to have a voice.  You are your very best advocate.  Maybe you feel like you are all alone but you are not.  There are so many others who are facing the same issues that you are.  And by sharing our stories we can help one another to survive.

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    I learned something about myself during this experience.  I am a simple gal.  I enjoy basic things.  And my motivation is also simple.  I want to heal.  I want to help others to heal.  It doesn't get much more basic than that.  I have no interest in making some name for myself.  I am not an "expert."  I am just me.  And as much as I have beaten myself up over the years for being myself...I think I am finally accepting that...it is more than okay to just be me.  I hope that you too can reach this same acceptance for yourself.


    YOU are a remarkable person.  And you don't need to be shiny or big or some huge ego to be somebody.  You can be quiet...behind the scenes...and just surviving and...hey...you are still very special. 


    Okay now it is your turn to tell us what is going on in your world!


    1.  On a scale of one to ten...how was this week for you!  One being the worst and ten being the best week ever!


    2.  What was the best part of this week for you and what was the worst?


    3.  What have you done this week to be kind to yourself?  And what have you done to work towards your peace of mind, happiness, or mental well being?  It is very important to be accountable to yourself.  Don't cheat yourself out of progress because you are afraid.  Feel the fear...and do it anyway.  Even if it was a simple thing...getting out of bed...taking a shower...going for a walk...it all counts.  Just try.  That is all anyone can ask.  And if you could not this week...maybe next week. 


    I have high hopes for you!  You can do this.  It IS possible to enjoy your life even if it is in between tears. 


    Much peace, love, and happiness to you all.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!



Published On: October 30, 2009