Expressing Your Depression Through Stream of Conscious Writing

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  • Hey there!


    It is another Friday believe it or not.  Just wanted to check up on all of you before the weekend.  It is getting darker here earlier.  Time to hunker down and get cozy before winter comes.


    So for free falling Friday why don't we do a little stream of consciousness writing?  This is where anything goes and you just let it all hang out.  Here is my stream for today...



    Night approaches. The world is cast in shadow. Eyes peering into darkness cannot see very far.  Kind of like looking into the future...straining to see through the murky depths.  So you keep close to what you know.  You fear what you do not know.  And even the things you do know lose their identity in the dark.  What does it mean?  Where do I go?  And who or what will guide me through the darkness?  Faith, trust and hope must lead the way. 

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    Feel free to write a stream of conscious thought here today. 


    Now for your weekly mental health check up!


    1.  How would you rate this week on a scale of 1-10?  One being the worst and ten being the best.


    2.  What was the best thing about this week and what was the worst?


    3.  What have you done this week to move forward to helping yourself?  What have you done to be kind to yourself or increase your personal happiness?


     We are here to listen.  Tell us your story.  We want to hear it!



Published On: November 06, 2009