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    Well it is that time again to review one of the medications.  This time I am choosing one slightly out of the realm of anti-anxiety med.  Many people who suffer from depression also suffer from anxiety, myself included.  I was given a small prescription for Xanax (alprazolam) some months ago to try.  I will tell you my experience and then I would love for anyone who has taken this medication to share your thoughts and stories here.



    My experience with Xanax:


    I was given this by my favorite physician assistant at my neurologist's office.  I was a little worried about the things I had heard where some people can become addicted to Xanax so I told her about my worry.  I am not addictive by nature, never have been but you never know.  So she gave me a very small prescription of ten pills. In these past months I think I have taken a total of three pills total.  So for me they are not addictive as I am only using them rarely.

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    I started with a half a pill to see what it would be like.  I really didn't notice too much effect but these are .5 mg.  I then tried a whole pill and that was a whole different ballgame.  I definitely felt the effects then.  Basically it calms you.  But it may calm you too much to do much anything but be spaced out.


    One of the reasons I asked for these is a plane ride I had to take.  I am terrified of plane travel.  I was on the plane and I had to sit next to a jerk who was angry about his seat and was flipping around his seat belt and acting so belligerent I thought he would be kicked off the plane.  Of course phobic me has to sit next to this beast.  The plane had a tiny bit of turbulence and I thought, "that's it!" and took my xanax and hoped for the best.  Of course it only really started to kick in when the plane was landing.  I had waited too long.  But by the time I got off the plane I was feeling mighty fine.  What I notice about this drug is that I have long spaces between my thoughts.  Not a good med to take if you need to be alert.


    It is a strange thing to say but it is as though my body understands Xanax.  There is nothing to ponder about it.  It makes you very relaxed.  But to take this daily?  I dunno.  I am not sure how one would function very well. 


    The other thing about xanax for me is that it made me sleep like the dead.  It will knock you out at night.  I didn't like being in such a deep sleep. 


    Everyone will react differently to the various meds but this is what Xanax felt like for me. 



    Now it is your turn!



    1.  What made you decide to take Xanax?


    2.  Did you find that you became addicted to this medication in any way?


    3.  What good did it do for you?


    4.  What were the side effects if any?


    5.  If you quit taking this drug what was the reason?  And did you suffer from any withdrawals? 





Published On: November 10, 2009