Honoring & Appreciating Veterans who put their Lives & Mental Health At Risk

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    Hello everyone!


    It is Veteran's Day here in the U.S. and I wanted to share a few things with you and also share my personal reflections of what this day means to me.


    First of all I wanted to share a very special card that My Depression Connection member Paul received from a grand niece and her kindergarten class.  Paul had served in Vietnam and you may read my interview with Paul here.


    Here is the inside of the card Paul received and he wanted to share it with all the Veteran's out there.  THANK YOU PAUL!





    I also wanted to share our Health Central page devoted to helping Veteran's who may suffer from depression.  You may view this page about mental health and Veterans here.

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    On this day I want to also remember those people who recently lost their lives in the Fort Hood tragedy.  Our sympathies go to all the families who lost their loved one.


    Every Veteran's Day I do think of my father.  He is long since deceased but he served in the Korean war long ago.  One of the few items I have of him (he died when I was four and I don't have many photos or momentos of him) is his collection of World War II paperback books about this war.  Every now and then I take them out and think about what he was thinking when he was alive.  I really wish I knew more about him.




    Are you a Veteran or do you have a loved one or friend who is a Veteran?  Please give a shout out here with any messages you wish to send.  If you have any stories, poems, images please do share those as well. 



    From Health Central and My Depression Connection we wish to thank our Veterans and people serving in our military for all you do to keep us safe from harm.  Thank you very much!

Published On: November 11, 2009