Understanding Depression: Thoughts on Melancholy

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    Hey everyone!


    I have been deficient lately in getting out a Midweek Muse but this week I do feel Muse-y and so I thought we could explore the many words we use to describe our depression.  One of these terms is such a pretty sounding word, contrary to its meaning.


    The theme for today is




    What does Melancholy mean exactly?  If you look this word up on the dictionary sites on-line one definition given is:


    "a gloomy state of mind, esp. when habitual or prolonged; depression."


    Synonyms for melancholy include: 


    1.  sadness, dejection, despondency. 2. seriousness. 4. gloomy, despondent, blue, dispirited, sorrowful, dismal, doleful, glum, downcast. 6. serious.

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    An archaic translation of this word stems from the perception that such a mental state arose from black bile:  "An emotional state characterized by sullenness and outbreaks of violent anger, believed to arise from black bile."


    My personal definition of melancholy is the wistful sit by the window and watch your life go by stuck in the muck concrete and chain link fence cold gray november day.  It is the sleety chill to the bones lingering funk which makes you want to hide under the covers.  It is the dull ache of disenchantment with the world and with the self.


    I wrote a short poem dedicated to this type of depression.




    the stars are being distant.
    the moon does not follow.
    the crickets
    have lost their song.

    there is nothing
    to fill these arms
    but the night
    bereaved of soul.


    Now how about you?  What does melancholy mean to you?  What is your personal definition?  Please feel free to get creative...write a poem, or a stream of consciousness writing...start with the word and just write whatever comes to mind.  Share an image or a thought...or even song lyrics.  This is your chance to express yourself.  I do believe that translating our mood into words and images does help.  And through sharing your creative expressions you bond and connect with others who are feeling the same way. 


    Thank you to all who come to this community to share and grow and heal.





Published On: November 18, 2009