Depression & Lifestyle: Eating Breakfast, Exercising to Get Active, Meds & Weight

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  • Hey all!


    I know it is late.  I need to get with the program here and get on the ball.  It is the Friday before Thanksgiving and I am wondering how you all are doing.  What are your plans for the holiday? 


    The first part of our Friday Feel Good Challenge is to see how you guys are doing this week.


    1.  One a scale of one to ten how has your week gone?  One is the worst and ten is the best.


    2.  What has been the best part of this week for you and what has been the worst part of the week?


    3.  Tell me what you have done this week to help yourself.  What have you done to be kind to yourself, improve your mood, work on your issues?  It is good to be accountable to yourself.  How are you working to combat your depression?

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    And now....for the physical feel good challenge!


    Last week I was gearing you up to get fit and eat healthy.  How is that going?


    I am going to give you two tips to help you this week with this goal.


    1.  Eat a healthy breakfast.  There are so many studies which say that when you skip breakfast then you tend to overeat later.  Eat a good breakfast!  This is also the time I take my vitamins.  Eat something which is filling.  I love oatmeal.  Oatmeal is something you can add yummy things to like raisens or honey or flax seeds.  Yogurt is also a great thing to eat for is tasty and creamy and you can get it with fruit in it.  Remeber with yogurt to always get the kind with the live active cultures.  There will be a seal saying LAC on the yogurt.  They all do not have this!  So basically the other yogurts are not much more than pudding.  Seriously if you want all the health benefits of yogurt look for that LAC seal. 


    So for this coming week promise me that you will eat a healthy breakfast!  Make this one life long change.  You will not regret it.


    2.  Add ten minutes of activity to your daily schedule.  Choose a time right now that you will do ten minutes of some activity most every day.  If you make this part of your daily routine you will not have to sit there and think,  "Gee, do I want to exercise today?"  Eliminate that indecision by just scheduling this time now.  Do something fun that you enjoy doing!  I believe that music can help.  Choose three or four of your favorite upbeat songs and do some activity during this time.  I believe that anyone can do ten minutes.  This is do-able.  Walk, jog, bike ride, jump rope, whatever you enjoy...just do it!


    Are we ready? 


    Please tell us how you are doing.  We want to know how you are feeling emotionally and physically!

Published On: November 20, 2009