Depression Resources & What You're Grateful For This Thanksgiving: Heartwarming!

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    It is Thanksgiving here today in the states.  I want to wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday today.


    Since this is a day for giving thanks why don't we create a really huge gratitude list. 



    What are you personally grateful for this year?  Make a list.  We want to you to share your joys here with us. 



    I want you all to know that I am grateful for you and our community here on My Depression Connection.  The support and love felt here is abundant.  As we fill our plates today let us also fill our spirit with compassion and kindness towards each other.  Know that whatever you are currently dealing with that you are not alone.  Reach out for help when you need it and also extend that hand back out to help someone else who may be in need.  Together we can not only survive our depression but we can also make a difference by sharing our stories and helping others. 

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    I will be here for a couple of hours today but then I will not be on-line here very much until after Friday December 5th.  Upon my return I will have some exciting things to share.  I have been given a once in a lifetime opportunity and I will talk more about it, after the fact, as I do not wish to jinx myself.  Smile


    Please do look after one another.  Remember that we are not a 24 hour crisis intervention site.  If you are feeling like you cannot cope please look at the information given on this post.  Call someone.  Reach out and get some help.


    I hope you all are doing well and hanging in there.  I know the holidays can be a tough time.  Take it in stride.  You will survive!  


    Thanks everyone and have a peaceful and stress free day if you can!




Published On: November 26, 2009