Depression and Getting Older: Does the Future Bring You Anxiety?

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  • Hi guys!


    I feel like it has been ages since we have had a question of the week.  Well my question arises from the day.  It is....MY BIRTHDAY today!  I am 45.  yahhhhh!  old huh?  I don't know how this happened.  "it's my birthday I can cry if I want to!"  Why I was just twenty-five.  I remember being at work and there was a Newsweek magazine about the "new" twenty-five year olds and it described Jane Pauly and how successful she was at that age.  I read this while working in a church basement working for a mental hospital with adults who had multiple disabilities and I actually felt bad about though I should be a different person...or on a different track than I was. 

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    I now believe so much that everything happens for a reason.  And I was always exactly where I was supposed to be...and learning things that would be useful for my life.  My work experiences working with disabled adults and people with autism would later prepare me for having a child with autism.  I was lucky.  The higher powers (if you believe in that sort of stuff) knew what they were doing.  I have had such amazing synchronicities in my life that I now look for them. 


    I have to tell you that I am profoundly grateful for my life and even the worst times of suffering because it has all led to discovering my life's joys and gifts.  You tend to think during a depressive episode that it is all worthless including yourself is not.  You are here for a reason.  Your story...your survival may help someone else.  Please look outside of yourself to know that even your darkest times serve a purpose. 


    So feels bittersweet to be 45 but good too.  I have survived this life thus far and I have found joy too.  Be open to light and opportunities...they are all around you. 


    One thing that always lifts my spirits is the LOLcats.  Here is one of my favorites just in time for  my birthday. 







    Okay seriously how can you not look at that and not laugh or smile?


    So a question?



    How do you deal with getting older?  Does getting older bring you joy or depression?  Do you look towards the future with dread or anticipation? 



    We love when you participate in our discussions!  Feel free to vent or tell us your thoughts.  And anyone who has a December Birthday...Happy Birthday!


Published On: December 10, 2009