Depression, Ties of Mental & Physical Health like Nutrition & Spirituality

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  • Hi guys!


    I want to hear how you have fared this week with your physical and mental health.


    1.  On a scale of one to ten how are you feeling with one being the worst and ten being the best?


    2.  What was the best part of this week for you and what was the worst?


    3.  What have you done this week to be kind to yourself or to feel better emotionally?  What steps have you taken to diminish your depression?


    How about your physical health?


    One of the things I know can help to keep depression at bay is to eat right and exercise.  And I have to tell you that I have absolutely fallen off the exercise wagon.  To boot when i was in Walt Disney World I ate...a lot.  Every meal had some dessert to go with it from chocolate cake to cheesecake.  I ended up gaining several pounds by the time I got home.  So I know how hard this can be to live a healthy lifestyle.  And the holidays don't help any.

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    One of the great things about working for Health Central is that whatever you are going through, there is someone to help and to understand.  The folks over at My Diet and Exercise are ready to help you with figuring out a game plan for developing healthy eating habits and exercise. 


    Kara Bauer just wrote a post about nutrition and spirituality which really made me think.  There is a definite link between our emotions and spirit and how we eat and take care of our bodies in my opinion.  One of the things she suggests is to write a food journal and take note of our feelings about what we eat.  If you would like to try this with me let me know.  I think it could be a journey of self discovery. 


    I know how depression can make you feel both emotionally and physically down.  Let's try to change that with small steady steps towards wellness.  We will get step at a time.



Published On: December 11, 2009