Tips on Overcoming Depression

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  • It is Friday once again!


    Where has the time gone?  So we are all here now?  The site is functional once again.  Don't you dare leave us now.  We need all of you...even the lurkers. 


    This may just be an internet site but I get the feeling that we have created a special place here for people to feel at home.  Maybe your family is less than supportive.  Maybe you don't have many friends who understand what you are going through.  But I guarantee that everyone here understands what it is like to have depression.  So this is like your home away from home.  You can come here and let it all hang out.  You are accepted and supported here no matter what you are going through.

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    So let's do a little weekly check up.


    1.  On a scale of one to ten how have you fared this week with one being really bad and ten being the best. 


    2.  Tell us the worst part of this week and also tell us the best.  Please don't leave out any positives...even if it was five minutes of okayness...we want to hear it. 


    3.  Now here is the responsibility part.  What did you do this week to be kind to yourself or work on your issues?  What baby steps did you take to feeling better?  If you got out of bed...hey that counts!  Depression is hard.  You have to measure your success in small increments. 


    Each Friday I will give a small tip on how to survive your depression.


    Today's tip: 



    Get out of the house.  Take a walk.  Get a new perspective.  Take a small break from your depression by inviting your senses to take in the world from the outside.  Stand in your back yard.  Walk around the house.  Even if it is cold, open up the window and get some fresh air.  Sometimes we need that sensory awakening that there is an outside world which is not in our head.  Allow yourself to be pulled out of your inner turmoil.



    Holiday Chat:


    Thursday December 24th  from 3-5 eastern standard time  I will be here if anyone needs some time to chat.  While we don't have a "chat" room we can communicate through comments. 


    Friday December 25th from 3-5 eastern standard time I will also be here if anyone needs to chat.  I will set up a post and members can communicate through comments.  We can have a virtual holiday party.  If you have nowhere to go...come here. 


    I know the holidays are a rough time for so many.  But we will get through them together.  Know that none of us are therapists.  If you are feeling like you cannot cope you need to get in touch with your therapist or call a hotline.  We have numbers for these hotlines available if you need them. 


    I hope that all of you have a good weekend and I am so glad our site is operational again.  Thank you to all who participate and share here.  You help more than you know.  Someone reading your words may come to understand that they are not alone and that it is good to hold on.  So keep writing and keep sharing!





Published On: December 18, 2009